Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Unit 10 Blog

When writing your first paper he/she needs to make sure their work is in proper APA format an has all citations and references formatted corectly. Proper research is a must. Make sure all resources are reliable.

  Me I feel I got a little better with the APA format but I still have slight problems with my citations in which I need to work on because I know further down the line it's going to get tougher but all I can do is my best.

Another problem I need to work on is making a stronger thesis statement pertaining to my paper and inserting my thesis statement in the wright place on my paper.

 I enjoyed this class very much because I learned alot pertaining to my writing and I will work hard to perfect what I have learned in this class..

    God Bless
            You All
 And Good Luck as we all move on............

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  1. Thanks, Antonia, for your input. Good luck to you as well!